Halifax Infirmary
1335 Queen Street



The Beginning

The "original" Halifax Infirmary, run by the Sisters of Charity, opened on the corner of Barrington and Blowers street in 1886.  In 1903, a new Halifax Infirmary was built on Barrington street and in 1933, the Halifax Infirmary on Queen Street was built.  This was operated by Sisters of Charity until 1973.

The Beginning of the End


  • The hospital was closed in 1998 and the land was transferred to the province.

  • September 15, 1998: Motion put forward by HRM Council that a letter to be sent to the Province requesting consideration of possibility of turning it into a seniors centre or complex. 
    August 27, 2003: Province of NS calls for expressions of interest for the development of
    the Old Halifax Infirmary site

  • February 2004: Press Release - Halifax Regional Fire and Emergency are concerned with the situation at the former Halifax Infirmary building on Queen Street after fire.

  • June 2004: In this Press Release, the Province announced that the old Halifax Infirmary will be demolished in 2005.

  • December 3, 2004: It was  reported today that the province has received 10 expressions of interest in developing the property. One of the proposals included a new main branch library.  Not surprisingly, Dalhousie has submitted two separate expressions of interest.

  • February 8, 2005: Press Release Announcing that the demolition of the old Halifax Infirmary had begun


View looking north

October 18, 2002


View looking north

June 19, 2005



View looking south

October 18, 2002


View looking south

June 19, 2005



Miscellaneous Photos of the Demolition in Progress

February 20, 2005 February 20, 2005 June 20, 2005 June 20, 2005 June 20, 2005


The New Halifax Infirmary

According to an advertisement celebrating the Grand Opening of the New Halifax Infirmary in 1996, the new hospital (at the time) had:


  • 434 beds

  • 2075 rooms

  • 17 operating rooms

  • 750,000 Sq Ft

  • 950,000 bricks

  • 2512 windows

  • 2160 doors


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