(n) A trace, mark, or visible sign left by something vanished or lost; evidence or sign of something that once existed but no longer exists.

This page is dedicated to those things we see every day but which, whether we recognize it or not, are remnants of an earlier time. Either by design, omission or accident, these things remain as a reminder of days gone by.


Morris Street School


The old school on Morris Street may be gone now, but you can still see the old wall that was in front of it (minus the fence portion).

Photo above (from the Notman Studio Collection) courtesy of Nova Scotia Archives and Records Management, Halifax, NS

Photo above taken by Steve Smith in March 2007

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Old Street Signs



I've been intrigued by these for a few years now.  They are street signs.  Not the ubiquitous white letter on green background signs we are familiar with.  These have white letters on a black background and are attached directly to buildings. The pictures below are of an example that can be found on Mitchell Street in the South End.  I've also seen these on Creighton Street, Robie Street and in Dartmouth. (Do you know of any others? If you do, email me!)




Photos above taken February 20, 2005

Photo above taken October 26, 2009


Maple Leaf Dairy

46 Chebucto Rd


It may look like a graffiti magnet/shopping cart parking spot, but this remnant of an old wall on the corner of Duncan St. and Chebucto Lane is actually what's left of the old Maple Leaf Dairy, which was located at 46 Chebucto Rd.  I understand they had a storefront area where you could buy ice cream and milkshakes.  I'm not sure when it ceased operations; I understand it would have been sometime in the 70's.  As always, if you can add anything, memories of this place or more info on when it opened, when it shut down, etc, feel free to email me


Photos above taken September 4, 2005


Halifax Explosion: Vestiges


Its been almost 90 years since the Halifax Explosion devastated a large part of the city, but visible reminders of the tragedy can still be seen today.  For example, in the two pictures below, the first on Veith Street and the second near the Union Street parking lot of Fort Needham, you can still see depressions where houses stood prior to December 6, 1917.

Photo above taken September 4, 2005
Photo above taken November 25, 2005

The stones below are located at the perimeter of  the park at Fort Needham. The granite stones were taken from the Richmond Printing Company building, which was destroyed in the Halifax Explosion. The Richmond Printing Company was located on Campbell Road (now part of Barrington Street).

Photos above taken November 25, 2005



Service Stations


There was a time in Halifax when service stations were plentiful.  In fact, in the 1962 City Directory, I counted at least 52.  Now there are about 10. (See the Then-Now Page).  Here are a few still standing reminders of an earlier time. Clockwise from top-left - Dutch Village Rd, Dutch Village Rd, Oxford St. and Robie St.


Photos above taken September 3,  2006